Gaming for Everyone: Women in Gaming Rally Keynote

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    My name is Roxanne Vasquez-Howlett. My daughter, was 13 years old the first time she played Xbox live, within one month she, Earned 2 Fire Emblem Hero's, Mastered Skyrim in Legendary Mode, Took every game played to new technology levels. She is not an avid gamer, She loves Digital Art, Her creation's are in gallery's where she visit's. I am a professional Business Manager. I have been out of the field for two years as an avid computer "Nerd" due to a Brain Tumor that thankfully was cured with treatments. In January through May 2017 I was campaigning for Peace, love and community support due to the gratitude for the chance in life to appreciate small things and spread thought's world wide. Since then I am a victim of cyber threat's that I am educating myself to correct, learn and with hope start Notre Dame Successful Non Profit business leader. I hope to do my part in this beautiful world to make a difference. I am blessed with extremely intelligent children ages 29 School teacher, 24 year old commercial driver, and a gifted 15 year old that is a computer nerd. Thank goodness for leaders in tech that value the importance and the knowledge to realize we set the standards for tomorrow's leaders, Children. Ms. Roxanne Vasquez-Howlett (1968)

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