Episode 2: Germany Part II - Modern Authentication Architecture

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In this bonus footage from Episode 2 of the MVP Show, Dominick Baier walks us through two typical modern authentication scenarios. One is "machine to machine" communication and one is web-based user authentication with delegated API access. Both scenarios are achieved using the "token service" abstraction, where all authentication logic and access token issuance is encapsulated in a service.

Both scenarios are examples of how to enable modern security scenarios using a combination of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
Pssst...if you are coming from the MVP Show's Germany episode, you can pick up where we left off by clicking on this timecode: [19:06]
If you're interested in a practical demonstration of IdentityServer4 in Action check out Part III of our bonus footage with Dominick.
Dominick's blog: https://leastprivilege.com/
IdentityServer website: https://identityserver.io



The Discussion

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    This is great stuff. 

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    This is great stuff. 

    ditto. If Seth could isolate Dominick for a week of Ch9 recording it might make this topic approachable to a lot more people.  Dominick does a good job of explaining high level first then digging in with more specifics as feedback given to him about what the listener is understanding.

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