Episode 4: Australia - Interview with Troy Hunt

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In this episode of the MVP Show, we are here in Gold Coast, Australia, to meet with Troy Hunt, a well-known security expert, and meet the dude that made HaveIBeenPwned.com. Troy has been an MVP specializing in Visual Studio and development technologies since 2011, and he is also a Microsoft Regional Director. He travels the world speaking at events, and training technology professionals.





The Discussion

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    It's an interesting video.

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    Don't know that you started a show @sethjuarez until now, and this is my 1st episode of "The MVP Show"

    Thank you, Seth, for interviewing Troy, I love him and it's an AMAZING episode 

    And I love the Hero image of yours --> here

    (had to tweet because there is no way to insert an image here, please add that option)


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    Great show really worthwhile for all the DB admins who are storing their website and customer passwords.

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    seth you've had fish&chips here in cambridge, then you have fish&chips down under. am i applying too much pattern recognition? :)

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