Managing Software Development - Eric Brechner

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Here are some questions we asked Eric in this interview:

  • How you setup vision, goals and boundaries for your team.
  • What are your top three priority on the job?
  • The worst advice you heard about management.
  • The best advice you heard about management
  • The best book you read about management
  • What exactly you look in a candidate
  • What questions you asked on phone interview
  • How you hire? What is the secret to get hired in Microsoft?
  • How you manage sometime big ego's and highly competitive and highly intelligent people?
  • How you manage people some time more qualified than you?
  • What is your suggestion to Developers who want to become a Development Manager?
  • The worst part of your job?
  • The best part of your job?
  • What you like about Microsoft.

And many more ..

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