365 Days Later - Office 365 vs. Office 2013 on the Desktop Review

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This week Jeremy Chapman and Tal Krzypow return to the Garage in Microsoft's Redmond campus to kick off season two. They try to answer common questions, "Which version of Office should I buy?" and "Are the Office apps in Office 365 the 'full' Office?" while recapping the events and new client side features of the last four seasons. And if you've ever wondered what some of the main differences are between Office generations or whether Click-to-Run deployment can really scale, you're in luck as Jeremy explains topics using authentic Flamenco dancing from Madrid.

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The Discussion

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    Vivek Ragunathan

    Oh..one of those Microsoft's cheap marketing stuff. Why this tap dance when we are talking about Office 365? And the narration was as if the hosts were reciting what they had memorized.

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    My sister insisted (no pun) on Office specifically because her school "required" it. However being mobile, she is limited to 3g and slower (yet expensive) Internet speeds. So we buy O2013. Then we realise that the purchase was just a key, and we had to download. So I download the 2GB image, mount and install. Damn thing still requires an Internet connection and MS account. It accepts the key, but won't complete without an Internet connection. why do we bother. You're obviously so dead set on the subscription model, that your willing to sacrifice traditional customers to

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