Cross-platform Office experiences update - featuring Office for iPad

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On this week's show hosts Jeremy Chapman and Michael Atalla look at the array of Office experiences across platforms - including the recently released Office for iPad and OneNote for Mac. Watch as they discuss the core tenants for designing great experiences for screens of all sizes - ranging from the 82" Perceptive Pixel display all the way down to a 1.5" Android smart watch receiving Lync video calls.

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The Discussion

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    Hi guys,

    I'm puzzled about the discussion of the Trivia Question in this video, quote:

    True or False?
    The OneNote Windows 8 App will convert images with text or handwriting to editable text

    At the end of the video, Jeremy Chapman and Michael Atalla answer this question with a firm yes, even stating that they proved the dual claim.

    Now, it's true that OneNote Windows 8 app supports OCR. It was unquestionably demonstrated by Michael in the video. Yet, I'm still to discover handwriting recognition in the OneNote Windows 8 app. Am I badly missing something or a glitch on your behalf? Was this a feature that perhaps was planned for release when this video was initially recorded in March 2014? Cross-platform feature disparities such as this one are causing a lot of questions among OneNote users, so please, do enlighten us.

    Marjolein Hoekstra

    @CleverClogs / @OneNoteC


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