Early look at containers in Windows Server, Hyper-V and Azure – with Mark Russinovich

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The Discussion

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    Jason Fossen

    Very nice! Even more details on how Hyper-V helps to protect and isolate multiple containers on a host would be great too, e.g., use of SLAT, IOMMU, differences with Virtual Secure Mode in Windows 10, etc. Also, it would great to have a breakdown of the pros/cons of managing containers with PowerShell versus the Docker tools. Thanks!

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    How does one monitor each container's resource consumption ?

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    Dale Preston

    What tools are available for scaling large container deployments. Let's say I want to scale from 2 containers providing a service and I get an event-driven demand and I want to scale to 100 containers until the demand subsides and then drop those extra containers. How would that work?

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