Office 365 identity just got easier - new options and tools for Azure AD

Play Office 365 identity just got easier - new options and tools for Azure AD

The Discussion

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    If your already using dirsync should you upgrade to the new tool and if so what is the process?

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    For a comparison, see here

    AADSync is my default tool now, because there's no real reason for it not to be. It's just as simple to install, more flexible, gives you more options down the line and so on.

    That said, if DirSync is already installed and working for a customer, there's very little point in going through the upgrade process, unless/until their needs change, they want to implement some of the new features of AADSync, a vulnerability or some such becomes known about in DirSync, or another compelling reason can be given.

    In short, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if DirSync stops fulfilling the requirements, replace it with AADSync. For information on this, see here

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    I don't use Azure for now (I don't need it), but this video makes me want

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    Even if sometimes I use platforms under linux, for a personal use windows is top. However, I've never used Azure

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