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The Discussion

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    david harrison

    Great app....look forward to having an easier life authoring presentational content

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    jonathan Corbett

    Lovely app , and should deliver great looking content readable in one shot across multiple devices, would have been nice to see the experience on a Windows Phone however, to see what the difference was to iOS . Question is there any "premium" to the experience on a Windows Phone vs iOS / Android ?

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    Excellent guys....So PPT goes on healthcare ??
    I see great potential ahead...will start training on it...
    Thanks for sharing...

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    Patricia Clair

    I cant use sway cant find the card tab

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    how do you go on a sway

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    wendy soucie

    Where is a workflow, review or approval flow? I can see lots of content published without proofing and review and then open to public access.

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    Robert S

    wish the app could interface with GDrive

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    Tara Heiss

    Looks great. I am trying to get it on my Android and hope to document my next rehab project !

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    Can I add SWAY into a PowerPoint Presentation?

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    i hate this

    i hate this

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    Dorothy Scotten

    I am confused here. You have not really defined what this is. You appear to be saying something about presentations and creative ways of presenting your information. However, I am not hearing a simple definition. I cannot follow your presentation. It seems to me that you are assuming that your readers are interested in technology-driven information rather than integrating real basic communication and cooperative learning. The word that comes to my mind is human-centered and learning collaboratives with real persons beginning with a logical educational process that originates in human behaviors and learning styles. I am interested in hearing how that will impact my teaching and learning in a very personal and "contactual" way. Just can't put my finger on it. Can we have a conversation?
    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and obvious interest here.

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    Jack McCormack

    Pure cringe

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    Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! I am a nurse educator for a college and I can't wait to get my ideas and presentations into this format. Maybe my students will understand the content of their classes easier in this exciting new format. I tried it out. Having a hard time changing the fonts of the texts. For example the title: I am typing "Communication" and sway is hyphenating it. Not kewl… Is there a way to fix it. I tried scrolling over it like in the video but when I did that no option came up for me to reduce the size of the font. Any advise?

    ...anyway...Love it! Love it! Love it!

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    my teacher is making me watch this so boring

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