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In this 2-minute demo, Jason Moore from the OneDrive engineering team highlights the new OneDrive for Business file sync client Windows and Mac OSX - from controls for selective folder sync to setup and IT management options.


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The Discussion

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    Matthew  McDermott

    Great Video = Just really sick of hearing about it. I wish Microsoft would recognize that Business units need this now... Its not like an amusement park where you sign up and wait. This model of advertising and waiting for the working client is a great selling point to my staff.

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    Matthew  McDermott

    I am simply sick of waiting. Even the Edge Browser (which could be great!) is delayed and nobody wants to use it... Simply because it lacks the necessary add-on support. By the time spring 2016 rolls around, Firefox and Chrome will simply be embedded and going back will be impossible.

    I am just tired of trying to explain how OneDrive will be better, just wait - when, dropbox, etc... already work! Release it already... and be the Enterprise support contingent you advertise you are...

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