PowerShell basics for managing Office 365 and the space race

Play PowerShell basics for managing Office 365 and the space race

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    No matter how many times people say PowerShell is easy I come away thinking they must be smoking something.

    PowerShell is not intuitive. Commands have far too many parameters that require too much attention and accuracy to make it easy and intuitive..

    I understand why one might use it with a non-GUI-shell server, but if there is a GUI it should not be needed. Unfortunately, the engineers at Microsoft don't seem to grasp this. They are sliding backwards in time.

    If command line was so wonderful why did Microsoft embrace Windows in the 1980s? Wasn't DOS 6.x good enough?

    I can remember pure command line UIs from when I started working with computers in the early 1970s. It wasn't a good UX then, and it certainly isn't now.

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    Whoa. It's not everyday that I read something that far off. Look man, no one is saying that PowerShell should be the only interface in Windows. Channel 9 has videos of Jeff Snover and Don Jones showing how to get started. The thing that is great about PS is that the things you learn in those videos are applicable to anything else in PS. It's so incredibly consistent. If you don't or haven't used other command line systems its hard to get across to you how innovative PS actually is. 

    Trying to manage a large number of systems is just not doable with out some way to interact with them programmatically. PowerShell provides an environment that makes it really easy to do that by abstracting away the parts that are labor intensive. I'm not doing it justice here.

    I've been a UNIX and VMS administrator in the past for what, at the time, where a lot of servers. I promise there is nothing else like PowerShell out there. (Maybe Python...maybe. But its hard to use Python as a work-a-day shell.) 

    If you don't have a need for lots of automation then bully for you! Some of us do and need tools like PowerShell very much.

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    would it not be easier if there was an import button in 0365 then all you would have to do is browse for the spreadsheet. You shuttle race already had the PowerShell command written with all the column heading listed. Usually the time waisted is trying to get the command right. If there are functions in PowerShell that you can't do with a UI does this not mean that not enough effort has gone in to designing the UI? Is it really that hard to add a bulk import wizard to the UI?

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    @Mark:We have an import CSV file function there now with a nice button and GUI. But beyond importing users, you need to assign licenses (or revoke them) for services. You can do much of this with the UI, but like Greg says, if you want to manually spend hours to configure hundreds or thousands of users, those controls are there. If you're a small business or configuring for a handful of people, then scripting will make less sense. Generally, the bigger your organization is, the more time you can save using PowerShell and scripted commands.

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    can you make powershell multithreaded to process more users faster?

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    Timothy J Suhr

    I the past we have had many tools to automate repetitive tasks. I have the need to automate several windows applications. What tool is best for this?

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