The new Office: Identity, Activation and Data Access with a User-based Office

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Watch while hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh catch up with foremost security expert and Zero Day author Mark Russinovich; examine the best usage scenarios for the MSI-based Office Professional Plus 2013 and the Click-to-Run based Office 365 ProPlus install; while demonstrating identity, activation and data access with a user-based Office.

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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the informative video which clarifies how persistent authentication is performed, with the options to store documents locally.

    As a small time developer, I am very disappointed with the experience with installing and activating Office now.  I'm too small to qualify for volume licensing, but my customers run PCs that aren't connected to the Internet.   It has become increasingly difficult to buy what I need - a DVD with a license key that allows me to just install, with the option for phone activation if necessary while offline.  Getting DVD install keys for multiple PCs is sometimes a cloak-and-dagger operation of creating an Email account, getting the key, then installing.   And hoping that the Email account allows a DVD install key, which may or may not happen for unknown reasons.


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    Wow, I totally agree.  The "all in" approach to a Microsoft Account in Office 2013 has certainly soured us on Office.  I deal with SMB, and the last thing they want is an additional username /password combination to remember to activate their Office.

    We quit installing Office 2013 and reverted back to 2010 because it was causing so many problems.

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    You still have the option to purchase and activate Office in the traditional way. You can even build optical media to install Office and use a 5x5 key if you are feeling nostalgic.

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    Who sells a 5x5 key (and what is that?)   The only thing I can find from vendors - Amazon, Best Buy, Provantage, etc are keys for online install.  To get a DVD key from that, you have to register an Email address, then click "DVD product key".   That process is ephemeral, when it even works.  Often it says "Activation Server unavailable try later", but it never works again for that Email address.   Those Email accounts and Office registrations are promptly deleted, so woe to me if I lose a DVD key.

    Also, Microsoft no longer sells Office 2010 at any price, which would be a solution to my problem.

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    Right but we are an OEM VAR, that does not want to purchase retail copies of Office 2013 for our customers, we've always purchased OEM copies.

    Now each OEM copy requires an Office Account.  It's so sloppy, people can't keep track of there software keys and disks, and we expect them to remember a different username and password for each computer that office is installed on in the building. 

    I realize OLP Bypasses this, but a lot of our clients don't have enough computers to justify the added expense.

    BTW If you purchase OLP Office 2013 you get downgrade rights to 2010, which is what we are doing.  But lots of our customers are switching to OpenOffice/LibreOffice because of the added hassle.

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