Transitioning to apps for Office featuring Ryan Duguid of Nintex

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This week long-time developer and VP of Product, Ryan Duguid from Nintex describes what it took to make the shift from using local, full trust code to the apps for Office model. He explains the architectural shift, integration with other SaaS solutions and how the development and servicing model has evolved. Then Ryan demonstrates the Nintex Workflow app for Office 365 and compares it to the on premises version.




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The Discussion

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    C R Mudgeon

    Great, informative show...but...but...

    "Learning" is not a countable noun - or shouldn't be. The word you want is "Lessons."

    Unless you are being piped over the side, you are not being "onboarded." You are being "hired."

    All this NewSpeak is doubleplus ungood.

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    @C R Mudgeon: I admire your laser sharp focus on these issues :)

    This ( recently made the rounds on our team; it is disturbing to see how many we say on a regular basis.

    Personally I have to say that 'onboarding' is firmly stuck in my vocabulary though, as a description of bringing a person or organization onto a new system.

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    Can VSTO add-ins be run in Office 365?  Are there equivalents?  for example, clicking a button on the add-in ribbon returns rows of data related to the currently selected row in a spreadsheet.

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    Hi Steve,

    Office 365 ProPlus supports the same extensibility model as the Office 2010/2013 clients. You can use your add-ins, but it limits you to desktop Office apps.

    These new add-ins will work on desktop Office, in the browser, in Office running in iOS (soon)/Win 10 Universal (later), Mac, etc.


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