Transitioning to apps for Office featuring Ryan Duguid of Nintex

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    C R Mudgeon

    Great, informative show...but...but...

    "Learning" is not a countable noun - or shouldn't be. The word you want is "Lessons."

    Unless you are being piped over the side, you are not being "onboarded." You are being "hired."

    All this NewSpeak is doubleplus ungood.

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    @C R Mudgeon: I admire your laser sharp focus on these issues :)

    This ( recently made the rounds on our team; it is disturbing to see how many we say on a regular basis.

    Personally I have to say that 'onboarding' is firmly stuck in my vocabulary though, as a description of bringing a person or organization onto a new system.

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    Can VSTO add-ins be run in Office 365?  Are there equivalents?  for example, clicking a button on the add-in ribbon returns rows of data related to the currently selected row in a spreadsheet.

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    Hi Steve,

    Office 365 ProPlus supports the same extensibility model as the Office 2010/2013 clients. You can use your add-ins, but it limits you to desktop Office apps.

    These new add-ins will work on desktop Office, in the browser, in Office running in iOS (soon)/Win 10 Universal (later), Mac, etc.


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