Understanding Surface Power Management with Modern Standby in Windows 10

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    Thanks Zachary. Interestingly my team has had problems with Surfaces both 3 and 4's with power management. I noticed on my Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 enterprise having been re-imaged by the Desktop team, I do not see any of the options you showed for Disconnected Standby. I only have options for battery and plugged in Screen options and then the "related settings". Nothing for Sleep  or Wifi. Is this a GPO related issue, permission problem or something else?


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    Usually this would be GPO-related. If some of the UX has been disabled vs. what Joao demo'd, then that is Group Policy at work. The best source of truth is running the powercfg commands to see what is configured for power settings. It's very likely that a one-size-fits-all laptop power plan has been enforced on all laptops.

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    I would love to find a way to be able to do an RDP session or a WoL packet to a Surface Pro 3 while in connected standby. The scenario here is to wake up the computer for remote management/support after business hours. Any solutions?

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    Paul Review

    These are very old comments. Can you tell us what has changes in 2 years. I thought Modern Standby would help with extending my battery life, but I read many people are experience just the opposite. So what is the current status, can I use Modern Standby to do Windows Update at night when the system is in sleep mode and also have battery left for work in the morning ?

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