A conversation with Doug Mahugh about his OOXML world tour

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Office Open XML evangelist Doug Mahugh has visited more places in the past few months than many folks see in a lifetime. I asked him to name the places he's been recently, to deliver workshops on OOXML, and he rattled off the following list:

Let's see, New Delhi, Sydney, Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, Munich, the Ukraine, Kiev, Beijing, Sao Paolo, Santiago, Bogota, Mexico City, Kenya, South Africa, then back to India.

In this conversation we talk about the skills, interests, and concerns of Office developers around the world, and about some of the applications they're creating. And we conclude with a story about a bus accident in Bogota that sounded scarier than it turned out to be.


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The Discussion

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    Hi Doug,

    What do you think about the petition that was created online in Portugal so as not to approve the OOXML format. Did you see that in other countries?

    There was also some controversy regarding the number of people in the Portuguese technical commission that approved the format (20), which some considered not to be representative. Would you like to comment?


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    Hi Tiago,

    I've seen the petitions organized by FFII, the people who have offered a cash reward to those who most effectively influence the ISO process.  Was there one of those in Portugal as well?

    Regarding the Portugal technical committee membership, I don't have anything to add to the comments that have appeared on various blogs.

    - Doug

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