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Brian Jones has been working on infusing XML smarts into Office for six years. In this episode we discuss the history of, the current status of, and future prospects for XML-enabled Office applications.


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The Discussion

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    Very Cool. On ward!
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    One small criticism of this is that it seems more of the converstation is Jon explaining things and Brian agreeing w/ him. I thought Brian was supposed to be the "expert" here. Otherwise I loved this podcast as well.
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    Jon's remark about "Beatles fame" puts an immediate spanner in the works, compounded by XML Brian's lack of WTF (or maybe he was being polite). Rolling Stones guys.....

    Now I have that off my chest I can listen to the rest of the podcast.
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    "Rolling Stones guys....."

    Ouch. Now there's a category slip! I'm always fascinated by those. In this case it went like so, I think:

    Rolling Stones -> Brian Jones -> Brian Epstein -> Beatles

    Clearly we've both spent too much time in XML-land...

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    That's great, I didn't even notice. I've had folks say it to me enough times that I just assumed you'd said the Rolling Stones. Smiley
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    Since you, Jon, are actually a writer that does understand the power of XML, your valuable commentary on these two items would be greatly appreciated:

    “CleanXHTML for Microsoft Office Word 2003″

    “DocBook XSL: a Complete Guide, Open XML XSL: an Incomplete Guide”

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