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    Hearing about some one who doesn’t go beyond 2 clicks on a computer to find information reminded me of my tepidness to learning how to use a computer as a kid. The current clicking interface just isn’t really how a lot of people like to interface/comunicate. It makes me smile to hear the test subjects don’t see the reason why they would be asking a computer how to find a job or why the information like that would be in a computer but rather they would ask their Nabors for this kind of information. Makes sense to me.

    Today I have to click buttons and type in key words to receive a Data retrieval of my query. I ask how far away today’s capabilities from an interface are something like MaxHeadroom, with out the annoying personality. Of course it’s probably even further away from the mains stream use of those who are ilitarate.

    MSR you guys are awsome.

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