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    Hi Guys,


    Since I am not well enough to attend the events, I do love the virtual Tours, PreShows and Conference Videos as well. For the last 2 years or so I watch them all day and D/L many as well. You a both terrific Tour Guides and well as CH 9 Stage Host and I do really appreciate all you do and the joy you both bring me individually and TOGETHER!!! There are also others that I really enjoy and appreciate, to name a few, the 2 Marks M&R, the 2 Scotts', Paula, etc.. IT, Data Processing, and Programming on Mainframes was my work background in the '70s, so Thank You for facilitating and teaching me so much with a GREAT sense of humor!!!! in the 21st Century :D


    Best Regards,



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    Jack Smith

    Always love the advice on great places to get food and drink! Would be great to also get some advice on navigating the city. Rent a bike, call a cab or hop on the Chicago Water Taxi...

    Any idea when the Session Builder will be ready to rock? Also would be nice to level set the different passes available for purchase - Plus Pass, Plus Pass Chicago, Plus Pass Limited Edition. What if I want to be just an Alumni with no plus pass; does that mean I get the man cave to share with a hundred others coming in from the melting pot of other conference alumni members...

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    @Jack Smith: Stay tuned for updates to both the session catalog and schedule builder.  We're at a little over 50% of sessions posted and there's more to come. Same goes for details on lounges. Thanks!

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