Countdown to Ignite: The One about What to Pack and What’s New, Two Weeks Out!

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The Discussion

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    Rick and Joey, An idea for the Ignite 101. Can you talk about the experts lounge/bar/middle of the expo floor where all of the Microsoft technologies and experts are located? How are we to engage Microsoft Experts in the Experts Lounge within the Expo center? I know that I would like to talk with experts from Microsoft about my implementation of Azure for my Enterprise, but how do I schedule time and who do I talk to? This would be a great topic to add to the online as well as the in-person 101 - if not also on the Countdown Show. There may be some who don't even know it exists. - just a thought.

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    Great show. I know you've mentioned the sessions will be available on Channel 9 after the conference, but can I freely share those with my coworkers after I return?

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    @Brittfam: Great idea we will discuss this in the next Countdown. We do cover a lot of the "Networking/Meetings" in the 101 sessions.


    @Paul: Yes Paul. The sessions will be available right here on Channel 9 and you can share away.


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