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What generates the most buzz, is the most talked about event detail, the piece of information that every attendee is most anxiously awaiting? Come on... admit it! You want to know, too. What will the Microsoft Ignite attendee bag look like?

In Episode 6 of the Countdown to Microsoft Ignite, Rick and Joey bring the Ignite attendee bags for Show and Tell... all FOUR of them. That's right, four. Ignite attendees will have their choice of four different trim colors on their black ballistic backpack—easier to say than to choose, since they all look great.

All four bags are identical, other than trim color: blue, green, yellow, or orange. Each comes with a matching water bottle and removable accessory bag that zips open to lay flat for easy access.

Made of durable ballistic fabric, the bag has padded backpack straps, padded back with air channel for comfort and support, front zippered compartment with pockets, mesh bottle holders on each side, and a large zippered compartment with padded laptop and tablet pockets. The entire interior is padded, so you can store multiple devices, and everything is protected.

How much can you fit in the bag? You'll be surprised at what Rick managed to fit, including his Surface, Kindle, 15" laptop, AND a huge 17" laptop. It was a bit tight, but he did it, and had room for other essentials as well. So, you know this bag will carry everything you need at Ignite, and beyond.

Are you registered? You only get one these cool backpacks if you're there at Microsoft Ignite, May 4–8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Register today.

Tweet your favorite bag color! Jump on Twitter or the Microsoft Ignite Forums at and tell us which bag you'll choose. Ask questions, join the conversation, and get fired up for Ignite!





The Discussion

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    John Marshall


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    ed begley

    Is this available to day pass registrants also?

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    Daniel Glenn

    #IgniteOrange :)
    Don't wait to get your bag - I have a feeling there will be colors running out.

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    Erlend Moen

    Hi, beeing a MS Conference virgin (!!) coming all the way from Norway I wonder what the dress code is at these events. Could you please say something about this? Great shows btw.
    And - #IgniteGreen :-)

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    @Erlend Moen:Yes for sure! That's in an upcoming episode so keep watching! :)

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    Looking forward to it. I'd pick #IgniteBlue.
    It might be cold. I'm new also

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    Will there be tension and gang wars between #IgniteBlue and #IgniteOrange?

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    I sure hope there's action. Mines on blue to win. My life needs more action. 😌

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    The bag looks real nice!
    However, I'm missing a small zipped compartment on one of the sides. Would be great for keeping a wallet passport, keys or other small thins you need to keep safe but still would like easy access to. 
    (Like on the TechEd14 backpack)

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    I just want to thank you again for all that you do with these presentations!!!  Maybe you can make a video about what you will be bringing and some tips on packing like you did for past events!!  Now that there is more content, do we need to pack more stuff??  :D  Also, are there any plans on selling anything at significant discounts like they did for the Surface Pro in 2013? 

    I really like the way you have shown how there are so many great eateries and things to do while we're in Chicago.  I've seen some stuff released separately, like discount tickets to White Sox games, MCP Party at MOSI, etc...  can you have a show that talks about all of those types of things as well... and maybe some info on the big "after party" as well!!  :D  I don't want to jump the gun... just wanted to give some ideas about some of the things that I would like to hear.  Thanks again for everything guys!!  These videos are GREAT!!!

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    #IgniteBlue for Paychex Blue!

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    Evren Banger

    #IgniteBlue or #IgniteOrange :):)

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    Bryan Barcroft

    Where do you get the bags? Are they at the same location as the badges? What if you check in off site?

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    is there a way to buy this backpack if you did not make it to ignite?

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    Frank McDonough

    I paid my 1500 for 3 day-passes. Couldn't even buy a backpack. The materials supervisor said bags left over go to Microsoft employees. This, combined with session rooms too small and no mid-day busses really put me off this conference for next year.

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