Countdown to Ignite: The One About Rocking Out at the HOB, Craft Beers & Bacon, and the Best Hamburger in Chicago

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    Great thanks for Remote Check-In possibility. I arrive on 2-nd of May mid-day,
    I guess Check-In will be opened the whole of the 2-nd, right? Still can You please detail it as much as possible:

    1) I arrive in O'Hare Terminal 5 (international one), not to 1 or 3. Shall I first receive
    my luggage and cross the US border, and after that just walk from 5 to the closest one
    of 1 or 3 to do this before completely leaving the airport, something like that?

    2) I stay not in any of the listed hotels but still directly in the Loop, so drop my luggage and check-in to my hotel first and then just walk-in while enjoying the city the very closest one of the all listed? Any of the listed ones is fine (both any of "primary" on the list and any of "secondary" ones)? I guess good to use Google Maps in advance to locate any one in the walking proximity.

    These 2 might be useful not only for myself, so may be good to document these details?


    Thanks a lot.

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    ... another one: I will arrive on 2-nd of May
    and for now not attending any Pre-Day on the 3-rd of May having it all for myself, still -

    1) Is bag pickup opened on the 3-rd already? When?

    2) Expo/booth starts on the 3-rd? I ask this specially because I work for one of the Exhibitors.
    I mean I am not a part of booth team at all, have no any direct booth duties, these are my US colleagues I am in contact with, but just in case to have a look at it and/or meet colleagues, in principle on the 3-rd the booth will be already being built or so? Or nothing happens on the 3-rd except Pre-Day?


    Thanks again.

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    @roubchi:Yes. Bag pick up at McCormick Place is open on Sunday, May 3rd, 7AM to 5PM.The booth Expo will be open on Monday, May 4th. 

    I can check on O'Hare pick up re: access across terminals. I don't think you'll be able to access Terminal 1 and 3 from 2. I'd recommend going to one of the hub hotels near your hotel for remote pickup.

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    @DBegley, thanks. For some final clearance: badge pickup in the hotels is already
    opened on 2-nd of May (Saturday), correct? And, define "hub" hotels? The list above has two levels, this brings quite some uncertainty :) So I do NOT have to be a guest of any hotel in this list and pickup available only in the ones listed on bold OR in each and every of them in the whole list above? About airport - indeed, arriving to Terminal 5 (mostly used for international ones) it can be quite a matter (or time-expensive) to get inside 1 or 3, faster to do it in
    the city - these hotels are mostly around the Loop anyway...

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    There is a train that runs between all the terminals.  You can take the train from terminal 5 to terminal 3, which is the next stop.  It's pretty quick.  After you get off the train in terminal 3, you'll go up an escalator cross a short bridge to the terminal, down an escalator into the ticketing area, then down 1 more into baggage claim.  It'll take you all of 5, maybe 10 minutes tops.

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    badge pickup; is that for ALL badges or just standard attendees? Eg if you have a speaker, vendor or press badge will you be able to get it at the airport?

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