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The primary source of water for Bangalore is the Cauvery river, which is located about 100 kilometers from the city. Given that the monsoon is not always dependable, it is critical to maximize the efficiency of distribution of water from the source, and avoid depletion of the ground water table level. A key challenge in the area of water management in Bangalore is to track consumption. Currently, a staggering one third of the water that is pumped out of the water sources in the city is unaccounted for, in terms of usage. This is the problem that a team of scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is looking to solve. IISc is India's oldest and among the most revered academic institutions, with a sprawling green campus in the heart of Bangalore city. Under the aegis of a national initiative called Smart Cities, Professor Yogesh Simmhan and his fellow researchers have deployed an Internet of Things (IoT) based network of sensors in the IISc campus to efficiently monitor the flow of water from source to consumption.



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