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The Azure loT system helps Costa Farms increase revenue and profitability in using modern technology in agriculture/farming. Recalling optimal pH levels is essential for nutrient uptake. Increased nutrient uptake directly effects yields, in turn driving improved revenue per plant harvested. On the cost side, this system will allow growers to be more productive and utilized across all growing activities as they spend less time manually checking pH values by hand.

Core team:

  • Mani Peddada – BI Architect,
  • Rodney Sanchez – Software Developer,
  • Blain Barton – Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist,
  • Joe Raio – Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist,
  • David Crook – Microsoft Technical Evangelist,

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The Discussion

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    Sean Murphy

    If you don't check your ph levels by hand regularaly but know that checking your ph levels regularaly will affect your revenue per plant harvested which is improved when checked regularaly buy hand then you would be wrong to not check them regularaly because the soil could change for reasons that people might not know about yet and you might should plant different types in one place than another because of different ph readings on a pieace of paper at many different places and check the level where you plant at and then check it at different places on the property where you are at and at different times of the year and be sure your entire property has proper drainage for a continually revenue per plant harvested improvement.

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