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    Stephen Rosso

    I cant thank you enough for putting together a quality video on the Kinect. It is hard to find good content. I tried following this tutorial and I am having trouble with the NuGet installation. Visual studios 2019 says Could not find part of the path:

    NuGet Package restore failed for project Assembly-CSharp: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\steph\Desktop\try again dev1\BodyTrackingSample\Azure-Kinect-Samples\body-tracking-samples\sample_unity_bodytracking\packages\Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.Dependencies.cuDNN.0.9.1\build/native/Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.Dependencies.cuDNN.targets'.. Please see Error List window for detailed warnings and errors.

    I just pulled this project from GitHub. When I navigate to C:\Users\steph\Desktop\try again dev1\BodyTrackingSample\Azure-Kinect-Samples\body-tracking-samples\sample_unity_bodytracking\Packages\Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking.Dependencies.cuDNN.0.9.1\build\native in my folder explorer the file is empty when it is looking for the dependency.

    Where do I get this file dependency from? I tried to download it with NuGet, but this error will not go away and it will not let me pull it.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Same Error as Rosso, curious if u found a fix already.

    Also i was able to install the Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.BodyTracking in another Project.

    TYVM for any kind of information.

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    Yeah I have the exact same error following this. Using Unity 2021. Don't seem to get it using Unity 2020.

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    So I read from one of the Unity devs that the character limit for addresses is 260. I had these project samples at the very root of my computer, so basically the shortest address possible, and the length of that problematic address is 261.

    The solution is simply to move the actual project folder to a higher location in your computer (as by default it sits within 2 unnecessary folders). So just cut and paste "sample_unity_bodytracking" higher up in your computer hierarchy, it will remove a ton of unnecessary characters and get you below the 260 limit.

    Hope this helps!

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