New Processors from Intel Help Boost Server Performance on Windows Server 2016

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Microsoft and Intel discuss the latest Purley product launch from Intel. This major Xeon processor update is bringing large performance gains, greater than 50% memory bandwidth and increased core counts. Watch this video to get the details on why you should be thinking about server upgrades leveraging the latest processor and Windows Server capabilities available.




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The Discussion

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    No, the name is not what they notices, it's the prices, so dorn high.

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    2017, and intel is talking about 10Gbps.
    The world has move on to 25Gbps 40Gbps 50Gbps. What'nt Intel part of that movement, at minimum 25Gbps NICs.

    10 years ago, was your last server CPU refresh.

    I am now ordering 4 new intel server (yes intel build them), with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 10-core CPU, these sells on ebay for a reasonable price (from $150 up).

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