How to Set Up Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces

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    Hans Hedman

    "Grow as needed", yeah right. I was going to expand our 19 disk parity virtual disk by inserting three more disks when I found out that I would have to insert 17 disks or more to expand.
    I ended up moving all data to another storage and recreated the volume. When moving the data back to the new volume I noticed that it was really slow. Funny how the video fails to mention that Parity performance sucks. I was writing data at 40Mbyte/s. Some searching on the net gave me some tweaks to implement that finally gave me 60Mbyte/s. We ended up buying a cheap RAID adapter and connected the same JBOD to that card and now we got 600Mbyte/s write performance. 10 times more!

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    It would be interesting to see an MS official answering to what @Hans Hedman pointed out...

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    Thanks for the comment Hans Hedman.  We didn't discuss performance much in this video since the main focus was on the ease of setup.  This article provides more details about how to configure Storage Spaces for optimal performance based upon the hardware that you have chosen. 

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