(Part 1) Overview of Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Implementation

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In this tutorial you will learn about implementing Microsoft Remote Desktop Infrastructure and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). VDI allows you to run Windows desktops and applications anywhere, scale quickly to meet needs, and protect your sensitive corporate resources in a cost efficient solution.

  • [1:43] DEMO: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Overview & Benefits




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The Discussion

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    Where can I find the referenced slide deck?? Is it posted somewhere?

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    Zoltan Erszenyi

    The intro showing someone walk while tapping his tablet nicely illustrates the mobile nature of VDI access. However it is extremely idiotic to put the subject on the road, cross the street - even if on a pedestrian crossing, and focus on his tablet instead of the traffic he needs to negotiate. Which idiot had the idea to promote the endangering of one's life by taking the focus away from the traffic around?

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