Esports, VR, and the future of Gaming with ESL CEO Craig Levine and xBox

Play Esports, VR, and the future of Gaming with ESL CEO Craig Levine and xBox
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Between CS:GO matches at the ESL One competition in New York, we talked with ESL CEO Craig Levine. He shared with us his views on booming Esports phenomenon and the player stars being born out of it. We discussed new technologies in esports such as touch-enabled devices, VR and Microsoft's Arena for xBox Live - a tournament platform infrastructure for the masses.

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[00:46] - The phenomenon of esports
[01:45] - Evolution of esports
[02:26] - New technologies in esports
[04:20] - Tech demo booths at ESL
[05:24] - Who is ESL?
[06:21] - Arena for xBox Live
[07:36] - Future of esports

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