The Lenovo X1 Yoga: First in Market Convertible with OLED Display

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When it comes to spending money on a high end business laptop, details are crucial. Lenovo has been refining the ThinkPad line for decades and it shows in the details. From the first in market convertible with OLED display to NVME SSD and a beloved keyboard that now recesses when in tablet mode, the Lenovo X1 Yoga doesn’t disappoint. Watch this video to get a glimpse into some of the features coming to market on the latest Windows business PC’s.

  • [1:50] Can you give us a brief history of Lenovo’s ThinkPad line?
  • [2:56] What can you tell us about the new “X1” series and more specifically the X1 Yoga?
  • [9:15] So what type of specs can I expect from this device?
  • [11:45] This device optionally comes and OLED display right? Tell us about that.
  • [13:59] What about LTE and wireless docking?
  • [18:38] Can you tell us about the pen experience on the X1 Yoga?
  • [22:10] So how does Windows Hello work on the X1 Yoga?


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