Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing SOLVED!

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In this video Mark Cadiz from Lenovo and Eric Mills from Microsoft talk through how the new core licensing model works with Windows Server 2016. There are a few concepts to keep in mind that make this new licensing model and subsequent pricing easy to understand. They will also discuss who can take advantage of OEM licensing through Lenovo Reseller Option Kits and the benefits it provides for customers. 

[01:18] - What is core licensing?
[01:39] - Are there any other differences?
[02:15] - Why is licensing changing?
[03:25] - Is the fulfillment process changing?
[04:11] - Differences between Standard and Datacenter?
[05:12] - With Standard, how do you get more VMs?
[08:39] - What is the value of ROK?
[09:30] - Why should buyers consider Lenovo?

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The Discussion

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    So can I buy a Server 2016 standard OEM license get a 2012 R2 downgrade key from Lenovo and then in the future keep the host running with Hyper-V enabled on 2012 R2 whilst I run Server 2016 for my 2 VMs?

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    @ITGUY: great question, yes you can do this as described. Lenovo has downgrade kits if media and key is needed. Part number for kit is 01GU603. 

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