What's New in Microsoft Internet Information Server 10 with Windows Server 2016

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    Just my $0.02 -- I hate how everyone thinks it is ok to force me to watch a video. I want it in TEXT so I can skim it and get the information I need *at my own rate* not listen to talking heads debate and pontificate over things I couldn't care less about. For future note, please know that I'm not alone in this and I haven't taken my scarce free time to watch your video. Instead I've wasted it by entering this comment to let you know I'm googling other sources for the information related to IIS that I need.

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    I share the same sentiments with Tim. Stop the old talk and get on with it.

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    Yep, Tim is on point.  I'm not here for entertainment.

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    Text IS great, I agree - right now, I am very greatful for the video.

    Have 2 laptops in front of me, 3 screens and remoted in to 2 servers and another computer...working.

    Either delivery method can be useful or a waste of time; depending on the content. I've lost time on badly produced videos as well as poorly written articles.

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    Hey - Just a counter for those who didn't like it, I did. Pitched well to my struggling mind

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