Microsoft Embracing Open Source in Windows Server 2016

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You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft has embraced open source in Windows Server 2016 and across applications and development tools. Watch this video learn how you can work with Linux and other Open Source platforms and applications with Windows Server 2016. There are many, many optimizations that Microsoft has made to do this well.

  • [2:05] What are some of the advantages to "mixing and matching" Microsoft and Open Source technologies?
  • [5:50] What are some of the Open Source contributions that Microsoft makes to the community?
  • [11:04] How about Azure and Open Source functionality?
  • [13:38] Can you tell us about some of the Open Source tools that are available to Windows users?
  • [22:48] How do Chef and Puppet play with Windows Server?
  • [25:20] What about NFS and Windows Server 2016 --- how does play into this conversation?




The Discussion

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    Cody Brown

    Hey How do I get notifications on when new videos pop up? Just watched this one, learned lots. Want to stay up to date.

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    Dave Wygonowski

    MS is embracing OpenSource? Really? How long has OS been around? Should have "embraced" 15 yrs ago, at least, don't ya think?

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    Linux(s) have been more two decades and opened source, yet hardly being standard.

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    FreeBSD a Linux distribution?, Keith Mayer is funny.
    I guess for him everything that is not Microsoft is the same.

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