(Part 1) Hybrid Cloud for Small Businesses

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    Great video and a great explanation of what Hybrid Cloud is, an extension to your on premise environment. It's taken me a while to get my head around what the Cloud is then what the cloud has to offer for the business I support and now that I understand that essentially it is a new site addition to your on premise, it makes so much more sense as a starting point for small business going to the cloud. Look forward to the other videos.

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    Wade Kirkham

    Nice Video, the Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft CSP program is a great opportunity for us MSPs. And the Hybrid Cloud solution is a no brainer for SMBs. Windows 2016 Essentials(On Prem), Office 365, Azure(using RDS/RemoteApp for line of business Apps), and an AD integrated File SyncNShare solution. It works...

    I have been Integrating Microsoft products since the very beginning of Active Directory, Exchange, and NT, and I can say that I am very impressed with Microsoft's marketing cloud push and the sheer amount of information that they have given us Partners to succeed on the Hybrid Cloud front.... keep it coming

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    Chris Kline

    Great information but the audio and video quality is terrible. Keith's voice sound like it's coming out of a tin can stuffed with tissue being transmitted via string. It's too bad because the information and knowledge he passes on is great. With all the money Microsoft has they should spend some on making sure your message is presented at least as well as some kid posting videos to youtube via their iphone which it isn't

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