Microsoft and Intel Discuss New Security Technologies Coming to Market

Play Microsoft and Intel Discuss New Security Technologies Coming to Market

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    Baby Bruder

    Ask Maksim Malyutin if he's going to feel safer with this 'new' technology?

    With this years patching of a seven+ year vulnerability that lied at the very heart of Intel's silicon, out of sight of the operating system, its applications and any antivirus, that was discovered in the 2010's Intel Q57 family, all the way up to this year's Kaby Lake Core... effectively a backdoor into computers all over the world... no thanks!

    again, no thanks Intel.

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    Secure authentication is all good, but what are/can Intel and Microsoft do to protect systems AFTER successful authentication?

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    What I despise is some IT management talk. Bulls**t bingo at it's best. Security posture?? Please I know we create this language to scare the stiffs but COME ON! If you want to sell it say HEY we have this new technology that's amazing. It gives users the option to sign in how they want. Plus be transparent. The way that Baby bruder says about the vulnerability from 7 years ago based internally in ITELs silicon. Well fess up and say we had a breech and we fixed it. Do you get it? Great.

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    with the next year will see if this technology was really proof to the attacks.

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