Office Dev Show - Episode 26 - Using the Dialog API in Office Add-ins

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In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard diZerega and Tim McConnell demonstrates how to use the dialog API in Office add-in. The dialog API can be used for a number of scenarios including simplification of OAuth flows. Sonya Koptyev also joins and discusses her move to a new role and the transition of the show to Richard.

Color Picker Sample on GitHub

OAuth Sample on GitHub



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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Hi all,

    When does this functionality become available?
    Right now, the


    is still undefined.

    Even when loaded from //

  • User profile image

    It is live now, but you may need to update your Office client. I know the update is in the first release click-to-run Office...not sure about the main branch yet.

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    Does it work in Mail add in?
    It works with me in Word add in but in mails it says: Unable to get property 'displayDialogAsync' of undefined or null reference

    Im using <script src="//"></script>

    Any advice ?


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    Is there any special setting I need to set?

    when I debug this project, I got an error "Permission Denied" in the line "Office.context.ui.displayDialogAsync".

    Best Regards,


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    Cas van Iersel

    Hey Guys,

    Is this already available for OWA? I get Office.context.ui is undefined.

    When will this be available?
    Kind regards,

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    Patra Benoit

    Great work guys, we have been looked for this for a long time.

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    Test user

    Why oh why does the add-in need to re-sign in the user when the user is already signed into the Office client app? Can we not just pass through and support single sign-in?

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    Does this work on Office 2013? Do you have any documentation on the Office versions it supports? TIA!

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    we released an open source sample that takes benefit from dialogApi when available and fall back to the old SignalR/WebSocket approach when not available.

    It is oriented for Outlook and among other things it checks that the identities from the Add-in and for the Office365 are compatible.

    It is written in and Angular.js



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