Office Dev Show - Episode 31 - Office Online WOPI Integration

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The Discussion

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    Hi Richard, that was great. I just want to ask that can I implement WOPI server in Nodejs instead of C#? Thank you in anticipation. :)

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    Hi, does the Registration form work for anyone, I'm getting a "Error: Something went wrong while submitting the form." error

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    North Carolina

    How about integrating WOPI and using Amazon S3 as WOPI host - any issues?

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    Is this limited to Cloud storage providers? Can I provide this experience within my web application that is used to work with word docs?

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    Can I integrate office online with WOPI in my application if I am not cloud storage vendor?
    In microsoft documentation, it is mentioned The Cloud Storage Partner Program is intended for independent software vendors whose business is cloud storage. It is not open to Office 365 customers directly.

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    Manoj Maity

    Hi there,
    Great article by the way.
    We already sign up for cloud storage program. We have hosted WOPI -host.
    The doc file gets converted into docx successfully. After conversion when it opens the docx file, it display an error message "Sorry, ran into a problem".
    Kindly, provide some solution for it.

    We are stuck, not able to find any solution for it.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks In advance.

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    How we configure with php? i have WOPI Domain and office 365 account.
    please explain
    <form id="office_form" name="office_form" target="office_frame" action="<OFFICE_ACTION_URL>" method="post">
    <input name="access_token" value="<ACCESS_TOKEN_VALUE>" type="hidden" />
    <input name="access_token_ttl" value="<ACCESS_TOKEN_TTL_VALUE>" type="hidden" />


    Is token is azure token?

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    hey thats an informative video. but is this link is still active? because i tried registering many times but have no answer and its been weeks since i got registered. how about using wopi with on-prem office online server with a custom java application? is it a workable option?

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    Ashish Dimri

    Hi. Thanks for the reference. It is really very helpful. But I am facing some issues.

    1. While editing the docx file format, first it is sending a lock value. After some time it is sending another lock value which is a super set of last lock value and also sending a old lock value which same as the previous lock value. So it is going to UnlockAndRelock request type and doesn't match the lock value and gives a error.

    2. And also as soon as 2nd lock value is coming it is sending a PUTFILE request which updates the file as blank file.

    This is only happening in case of .docx format. Else pptx and xlsx format are fine. Please suggest if there is any solution. Or if any explaination is required I will send the detailed response.


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