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ASP.NET Core Series: PWA's with Blazor

Play ASP.NET Core Series: PWA's with Blazor

The Discussion

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    My favorite .net language of choice is VB.Net ... Come again?

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    Peter De Jonghe

    Hi Dan & Jeremy,
    Thank you for this very interesting episode. My next app will be a Blazor PWA.
    Thx a ton,

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    I like XAML, but for now the a technology that worked well for me was Blazor, something that works on mobile, desktop, web.

    Hope that on next version of .NET we can have something lightweight the has the best of UWP XAML + Blazor reach.
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    Alexandru Paul Csiki

    All nice and dandy but how will you handle PWA app updates? Does it come with an incorporated self-update check?

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    Niels Henriksen

    @Lou - I started with VB6 -> VB.NET and now I am using C#. Go on and focus on C# because more and more will focus on that.

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    please send me defults appdates them s for my pc and updatihgs because in my location I cant have them.thank you so much

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    Blazor is best!

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