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Building Serverless web applications with Blazor and Azure Functions

Play Building Serverless web applications with Blazor and Azure Functions

The Discussion

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    Good Stuff Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

    It seems this approach can be carried on with pretty much any SPA applications, with popular frameworks like React, Vue, Angular.

    What's the benefits in using Blazor, besides it uses the c# language that we love so much in the .Net world.

    Would it fare well against these popular JS frameworks, in terms of performance, and the computing resources Blazor needs to run on client side ?

    As we all know, sites like this running on client devices, and the thing about client device is that, there are too many variants of them, mobile devices, laptops, etc. And the specification on these devices spread across a wide spectrum.
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    Great tutorial.
    I would like to see the following very important for enterprise class programming things:
    - multithreading in Blazor.
    - encryption/obfuscation the .net dll's in client side Blazor.
    - requesting large volumes of binary data from a server and fast managing with it ( 1MB+ on every 5-10 seconds ).

    Keep going with the good stuff!

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    Nice talk, however there needs to be something about some type of database or just any consistent storage technology in order to make the talk fully useful.

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