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Building workflows with the Durable Task Framework

Play Building workflows with the Durable Task Framework

The Discussion

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    There's no point to this, Nextflow already does all this better and you don't have to use C# you can use any language you want.

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    They're are so many existing workflow management systems why did you re invent the wheel?

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    @DJay: the whole point of this framework is exactly that you use C#!! You don't need to learn a new language or tool.. you are using what you already know (assuming that you already know C# of course)..

    With Nextflow you have to learn a DSL that you cannot reuse with other frameworks, not to mention that it runs on JAVA so you need to learn the tooling and platform nuances if you are not familiar with it..
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    what is the best solution (workflow management) to use for net core apps or web apps?
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    I thought I heard they had a provider for "Service Fabric"; if so, how and where can I gain access to it. Wow - this is a clever and fantastic bit of software design and programming. Super Job!
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    Well I thought this was a really great talk. Enjoyed hearing about something which powers durable functions and also something which is brought out into the open when it was originally used internally at Microsoft.

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