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C# Language Highlights: Default Interface Methods

Play C# Language Highlights: Default Interface Methods

The Discussion

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    Worst C# language feature ever.

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    Most important part of this is missing what about method name clashes.

    interface A(){ M(){ /*a*/ }}
    interface B(){ M(){ /*b*/ }}

    public class C : A, B
    // what default am i calling?
    public void Test(){ M(); }

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    From the design documents I think that default interface methods can only be called when you cast to the interface. They are not directly accessible from an instance of C unless if you override the implementation in C.

    Also it's not explained well why abstract classes are still needed, and the reason is that interfaces still cannot contain state/fields.

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    Hans Wurst

    Throwing a NotImplementedException in a default interface method is probably the worst example you could have picked. Either the new method has a usable default implementation or it should be a breaking change, but deferring the breaking to runtime is just horrible.

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    The color theme is also interesting - what theme is that?
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    Great article
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    You REALLY thought the team didn't think of that??

    If it detects you're using two interfaces with a method with the exact same name for some reason it just gives you this:


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