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Chris Gillum - Serverless workflows with Durable Functions

Play Chris Gillum - Serverless workflows with Durable Functions
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In this episode of On .NET, Chris Gillum (@cgillum) from the Azure Functions team stops by to talk to us about Durable Functions. With Durable Functions, you can create stateful workflows in a serverless environment.

  • [00:31] - What does Durable mean?
  • [01:31] - How long has the service been around?
  • [01:55] - What are some of the use cases? 
  • [04:19] - Chris shows some demos of Durable Functions
  • [06:00] - What do we really get from using this?
  • [08:30] - What are some of the Orchestration models this enables?
  • [12:58] - What does the API surface look like?
  • [18:51] - What flavors are .NET does Durable Functions support?

Remember to check out the documentation and GitHub repos listed below.

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The Discussion

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    Hey Chris,

    I am really enjoying working with durabletask functions. I want to get your thoughts on the message size limit (62KB) between the Orchestration and Activity. In your Fanout example of directory backup, what if the message payload size of the list of directories coming in from the Activity is larger than 62KB? What strategy would you suggest using to get around that limitation?





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    @hornygoatweed: We plan on expanding the message size limitations to allow for arbitrarily large messages. That work is being tracked in Github here: Until then, you can write your activity functions to store their results into something like blob storage, and then return a reference to the blob (e.g. the URL) from your activity functions.

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