Code refactoring support in Visual Studio 2017

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    This was great, thanks!

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    You could show editor config option because it can synchronize team to use same coding conventions. 

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    Is the guy some kind of project manager och just retarded?

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    Didn't know anything about the refactoring, very helpful thanks.

    CTRL+R+R Remame
    CTRL+. Refactoring
    CTRL+. Change Signature

    Can you guys do a series of web clips on, if you were a VB6 developer and now are trying to use .Net? We have the guide that will get you back into the programming zone. Basically I would like to know all the significant changes to the programming language since VB6.

    Yeah I know, only helps VB developers but they were a significant majority for a short time through the early 2000s but not now it seems.

    Maybe you could do a guide to using Visual Studio 2017 from scratch if that is easier? Thanks in advance,if you decide not to, i'll be forced to complain to a family member about how Microsoft isn't listening to me, aren't I significant and so on.

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    "zed" gave away where you're from...also your t-shirt lol :D

    Great session thanks! :)

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    VB6 Programming


    "I would like to know all the significant changes to the programming language since VB6."
    They are completely different languages, the list of changes would be huge.

    It is easier to list what the VB.Net and VB6 programming languages have in common...

    1) The word "Visual"
    2) The word "Basic"
    3) er... that's it.

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    Dave  123

    @Daniel, yes

    @Richy, 2 words, Sun screen

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