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Creating custom bindings for Azure Functions

Play Creating custom bindings for Azure Functions
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Bindings in Azure Functions allows you to declaratively connect another resource to your serverless function as input or output.

In this episode, Matías Quaranta takes us step by step through the fundamentals of creating a custom binding, and also how to incorporate it in an Azure Functions project.

  • [03:44] - Step 1 Defining the attribute for the binding
  • [05:38] - Step 2 Creating a service connector
  • [06:37] - Step 3 Creating the collector and binding context
  • [08:52] - Step 4 Gluing everything together
  • [13:21] - Step 5 Activating the custom extension
  • [14:28] - Using the custom binding
  • [19:24] - Where to get the code

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