Dave Tillman and Zach Brown - Resilient Microservices with Steeltoe

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    Incredibly strange to see all the staff of Microsoft giving signals all the time that they have no trust in their own products. Why do they not promote Microsoft their own products? How about using the surface Book instead of your Mac. Using Edge instead of Chrome? Have never seen an Apple presentation where they use the PC instead of the MAC. Have even thought about buying myself a Surface Book, but start wondering if one would rather buy a Mac, because that's what Microsoft itself uses. Also use Edge and are very satisfied, so my tip is that you guys in Microsoft should also try it. Unfortunately, Edge does not have much market share, so you guys internally should at least show that confidence.

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    @showdevice: yeah the MacBook looked weird :) But I heard Microsoft is very flexible in terms of employee workstations... Linux and Mac are welcome as long as the job gets done - same with this show - as long as it's on .NET development and is helpful, I'm fine with it

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