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Deep Dive into Many-to-Many: A Tour of EF Core 5.0 pt. 2

Play Deep Dive into Many-to-Many: A Tour of EF Core 5.0 pt. 2

The Discussion

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    What do you think about 3 party library MutableIdeas.Web.Linq.Query.Service and
    Z.EntityFramework.Plus.EFCore for writing efficient code using EF core 5. Should I use them for Fiter Expression and Filters. For example:

    return await GetAllQueryable()
    .Where(m => !m.IsDeleted)
    .IncludeFilter(m => m.Roles.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.Role.IsDeleted).Select(s => s.Role))
    .IncludeFilter(m => m.Roles.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.Role.IsDeleted).SelectMany(s => s.SkillSets.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.SkillSet.IsDeleted).Select(s => s.SkillSet)))
    .IncludeFilter(m => m.EquipmentTypes.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.EquipmentType.IsDeleted).Select(s => s.EquipmentType))
    .IncludeFilter(m => m.EquipmentTypes.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.EquipmentType.IsDeleted).SelectMany(s => s.SkillSets.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.SkillSet.IsDeleted).Select(s => s.SkillSet)))
    .IncludeFilter(m => m.SkillSets.Where(s => !s.IsDeleted && !s.SkillSet.IsDeleted).Select(s => s.SkillSet))
    .ToPagedResultAsync(page, pageSize);

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    Great talk, very informative and I really like how Arthur explains everything in a very understandable manner what is happening.

    With Visual Studio (Preview) it's nowadays so easy to create a GitHub Repo, (it's literally done in seconds) so I created one with your example code. Couldn't see all of the code, but I think I came close.

    GitHub Repo ON.NET SHOW: EF Core 5.x Tour Many To Many Part 2 =>
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    @Jaap: You get a gold star for this. This is very helpful.
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    The N:M join table has indexers of Dictionary<int,object> which sounds inefficient
    surely the 2 indexers could be Dictionary<int,Group> and Dictionary<int,User>
    this would be efficient (native int instead of inevitable parse/tostring transforms everywhere)
    and would be typesafe instead of the dreaded object which presumably needs lotsa typecasting

    sounds like this EF5 is a primitive [first-cut] implementation, but perhaps the EF6 will improve perf?
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    When using selection/projection like this:
    ``` c#
    var query = context.Users.Include(e => e.Groups);

    var x = query.Select(x => new { UserName = x.Name, GroupNames = x.Groups.Select(g => g.Id) }).ToList();

    It still generates this sql?
    ``` sql
    SELECT "u"."Name", "u"."Id", "t"."Name", "t"."GroupId", "t"."UserId", "t"."Id"
    FROM "Users" AS "u"
    SELECT "g"."Name", "m"."GroupId", "m"."UserId", "g"."Id"
    FROM "Memberships" AS "m"
    INNER JOIN "Groups" AS "g" ON "m"."GroupId" = "g"."Id"
    ) AS "t" ON "u"."Id" = "t"."UserId"
    ORDER BY "u"."Id", "t"."GroupId", "t"."UserId", "t"."Id"
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    I would like to see a session related to efcore5 and sqlite. The feasibility of using efcore sqlite as a storage for document style WPF application like PowerPoint. Also, how to use sqlite with a dependency injection container

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    Hi, any sample with an UPDATE of an entity with different children?

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