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DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.4 - Continuous Integration

Play DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.4 - Continuous Integration
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Being able to build, test, and deploy are integral parts of the software development lifecycle. Azure Pipelines combines continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to consistently test and build your code and ship it to any target.

In part 4 of our DevOps For ASP.NET Developers series, Abel and Jeremy show us how to get started with creating a build definition using Azure Pipelines. We will learn how to customize a pipeline for our project using tasks from the marketplace, edit the YAML build definition, and also use Yo Team to scaffold a pipeline for a project.

  • [01:40] - Creating a build pipeline from scratch
  • [03:04] - YAML versus the visual build editor
  • [05:30] - Working with the visual editor
  • [07:25] - Adding tasks to your build
  • [08:55] - Selecting a build agent
  • [11:56] - Viewing the YAML for the generated pipeline
  • [12:56] - Adding build agents to the pipeline
  • [13:44] - View the results of automated tests
  • [17:14] - Scaffolding build pipelines with Yo Team


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The Discussion

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    I think you should have shown us how to build a release pipeline without using an add on.
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    In Azure documentation if you look at self hosted agents, you can see it is recommending to have Visual Studio installed on your build server but according to this video you just need the agent. So, which is it? Do we need to install Visual Studio on our build server or not? Also, you have to be a lawyer to figure out if you can use your existing visual studio subscription to install Visual Studio on the build server or you have to purchase an additional license.
    This video is like an unboxing video where you see what is in the box but have no clue what to do with any of it because most of the developers already have an application and won't use Yo Team to create a shell application for just scaffolding a pipeline.
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    Self hosted agents at a bare minimum only need the agent. You will also need to install any software you need to do your build or release. If you are doing things that require VS, then you will need to install VS (things like Visual Studio build task).

    I am not a licensing person so I have no idea what rules are. Ping me on twitter @abelsquidhead and I can hook you up with some licensing people that can answer this question (I'm pretty sure you do not need another license but again, not a licensing person so don't quote me on that).

    I use yo team for existing applications all the time. I use yo team to scaffold everything out, then I stick my source code in the repo and I'm done. Well, i do need to make sure my project is laid out correctly. Or, if you want to, create your build pipeline by hand yourself. Nothing stopping you from doing that.

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