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DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.7 - Templates and Scaffolding Tools

Play DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.7 - Templates and Scaffolding Tools
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Throughout this series, we have gone through everything from work item tracking, unit testing and even build pipelines. This all happened with CI/CD already setup in Azure DevOps. What if you don't have a pipeline already setup? How do you get started with creating one?

In part 7 of our series, Abel and Jeremy show us two ways to scaffold out an Azure DevOps pipeline. We'll see how to use Azure DevOps projects via the Azure portal, which gives us a UI to configure everything. Also, they'll show us how to use the Yo Team generator that allows us to work from the command line.

  • [01:56] - Using Azure DevOps projects
  • [06:37] - Inspecting the generated pipeline
  • [09:49] - Getting your code into the pipeline
  • [12:45] - Creating pipelines via the command line using Yo team
  • [18:30] - Pushing the sample code into. Azure DevOps

Episode 6 - Release Pipelines


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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    I'd like to share one Story...
    i've used that template-thing out of azure by a half year past.

    It was interesting, i've choosed a technique i'm completley lack of (Kubernetes) and pressed after 3-4 klicks that magic button "DO"

    Now the interesting part, one of my partners called me after 'n month (i decided to drop my focus and pick up later) with the information: What happend? Here's a 600$ cost!

    So.... nice thing, but after that i never will touch that templatehing again, sry M$ - it's a great idea but generationg cost without communication is a nogo 4me.

    I do know, people say: hey, you're a adult admin, it's up to you to keep a eye on costs

    but here's my site.
    I try to learn, azure, kubernetes, services, all that quickly upcoming stuff and i struggle around doing mistakes on each side of the board.... till i payed 600$, know i stoped all that and got back to my good old print-sheet "how to" thing.

    I share this story, to prevent someone to same situation or reach someone that can investigate in that tool and push all that $-Signs into it.

    Have a nice

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