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Devops For ASP.NET Developers Pt. 3 - Work Item Tracking

Play Devops For ASP.NET Developers Pt. 3 - Work Item Tracking
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Being able to visualize the work ahead is an integral part to the success of any software project. With Azure Boards, you can quickly and easily start tracking tasks, features, and bugs associated with your project. 

In part 3 of our DevOps For ASP.NET Developers series, Abel and Jeremy how to get started with Agile planning using Azure Boards.

  • [00:34] - Exploring Azure Boards
  • [02:34] - Creating a new project in Azure Boards
  • [05:46] - Breaking down user stories into tasks
  • [07:46] - Visualizing work in the sprint view
  • [10:41] - Customizing user stories and swimlanes
  • [12:55] - Projecting velocity with flow charts
  • [14:30] - Customizing the workflow process
  • [18:01] - GitHub integration with Azure Boards

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