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Diagnosing ASP.NET Core performance issues

Play Diagnosing ASP.NET Core performance issues
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In the episode, Mike Rousos shows us how we can use tools like PerfView and PerfCollect to diagnose performance problems in ASP.NET Core applications. He discusses how we can use the tools for performance analysis on both Linux and Windows servers. Also, we get a demo on how to inspect things like large object allocations, chatty SQL calls, and thread pool health.

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The Discussion

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    great presentation and topic, thanks

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    Excel complete course

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    Watching your video is great.
    I am following your video to perfcollect on WSL2 Linux distro
    I am using WSL2 (Ubuntu 18.04) and even when I install perf but it is still asked for "perf not found for kernel 4.19.67-microsoft".

    Do you have any idea regarding this?

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