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In this episode, we're running ASP.NET in a Docker image, and we look at some of the changes in the .NET Core .csproj tooling.



The Discussion

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    M P

    Content was cool, but can you upload a version of the video that you can actually read what's on the screen? There's only "Medium" and "Low", neither of which are legible at least on my 13" macbook pro.

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    @M P: true ☹

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    Yes, it's impossible to read the text in the screen captures.

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    I am sorry but it is so hard to follow the accent of one of the moderators.
    I do not understand why folks with unclear diction are placed in these positions.

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    Ron Valero

    That was interesting

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    I would have to agree with Andy.

    I can barely hear anyone or understand that one guy...

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    Well, then you'll be happy to know "that one guy" (who was not "placed in this position" but decided of his own volition to produce something valuable) decided not to produce any new videos.

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